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Does SellMac buy from or sell to customers outside the US?

SellMac does not buy devices from outside of the US. However, we do sell to buyers outside the US.

What if my device has an engraving on it?

In the case that your device contains an engraving, you have nothing to worry about. The trade value of the product will be unchanged.

Do you accept devices locked by a carrier not on your list?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept any devices locked by a service provider other than the ones mentioned on our site.

How do I determine the condition of my device?

Here is a guide we have made in order to make it easier for you to assess the condition of your product.

For iPhones, Tablets and Smartphones:

– Flawless if works great, no problems, no scratches, and no dust under glass.

– Good if works great with some minor signs of wear and tear and no buttons are missing.

– Broken if doesn’t turn on, cracked or broken screen, missing buttons, missing parts like battery cover, some key features not working like camera.

For Apple MacBook and Other Devices:

– Flawless if works great, no flaws and no scratches on display.

– Good if the device is 100% functional, may have small flaws, light scratches on display that does not affect viewing.

– Broken if doesn’t power on, power port is broken, system fan doesn’t work, and display is heavily damaged and has multiple defects.

When I sell my phone to SellMac, what accessories do I need to send with my iPhone?

Apart from a fully operating charger you do not need to send us anything. The price we offer to you is only for the charger and device. Please note if you accidentally send us other accessories such as headphones or anything else we will not be able to return it to you. Before inspection these items are usually discarded.

What's the proper way to prepare your device for shipping to SellMac?

To ensure quick processing times and speedy payment from SellMac, please follow the instructions below before sending us your device:

1. Ensure that your phone is unlocked (if you’re unsure as to how you unlock your phone, contact your carrier and follow their instructions).

2. Ensure that the cellular service for your device is deactivated. It’s as simple as taking out your SIM card and paying off all dues to the carrier.

3. If your device has ever had the Device Tracking (iCloud) option enabled, please turn it off and remove the password.

4. Backup all your files before sending your phone to SellMac. Remove your SD card, all personal effects and any extra add-on from your device. Try using the factory-reset option for better results.

5. Ensure your device has a reasonable amount of charge before sending it to SellMac so that we can boot it up right away. This allows for faster payments on our part.

6. Please ensure that you have full ownership of the device you are sending.

What's the proper way to erase all your iPhone data and settings?

Try backing up all your data via Apple’s iCloud service or by syncing the data with your computer. Once you are done backing it up, follow the instructions below:

1. Locate an icon on your phone that looks like a gear. This will allow you to access your device settings.

2. Locate the general tab in the settings. Look around for the reset button.

3. Once you’ve found the button, click it. Hit the button that says Erase all contents and settings. Confirm your selection and you should be done.

4. Alternatively, you could erase your settings from iCloud if you’ve already shipped the device to SellMac.

How do I deactivate my device?

Before shipping your phone to SellMac, ensure it is properly deactivated. If you’re having trouble with the deactivation, please contact your carrier to see if your Electronic Serial Number is still active. If you’ve still got an active ESN, consider the following options:

1. Has your device been reported lost or stolen?

2. Do you still have dues to clear with your carrier? Have you paid of any remaining balance?

3. Is your device still active with the carrier? Please contact your carrier and ensure proper deactivation before shipping to SellMac.

Can the SellMac shipping label be used on another box?

The shipping labels we send you may be used on any box you desire. Please ensure you pick a box that fits all your products and packs them safely and securely. If you’ve managed to misplace your shipping label, log on to the SellMac website and print another one. Place the label on the box that best suits your product and ship away!

Does SellMac accept multiple orders in one box?

The good news is, SellMac does accept multiple orders in one box. Please ensure the electronics are carefully packed so they do not bump into each other, and the individual package slips are attached to each device so we know which offer we are processing. Package slips that are switched or erroneous will cause delays in our review of your device.

What type of electronics does SellMac buy?

We primarily look to buy Apple products. Products we are currently buying are-iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, Macs, some Apple TVs & Apple Displays. All our products are listed on our website Please note if you cannot find the exact model of your device on our website we do not buy that item any longer. If we receive any item we are not currently buying, we will not be able to offer the quoted price. We will provide a counter offer or if we cannot use it we will ship the item back to you free of charge or recycle it with your permission.

How long will it take to receive payments after I send in my device to SellMac?

The standard processing time for an item we receive is 3-5 business days. You must give us time to review your offer and the condition of your device before sending payment. Once the inspection is complete, payment will be issued within the next working day and you can choose what methods you want to use. Here are the timings for each payment method:

USPS Check: 3-5 Business Days (Can sometimes take as long as 14 days depending on where you live).

PayPal/ Amazon: 24 hours.

I received an email telling me my payment was issued, but I haven't received it. What should I do?

Don’t worry! Both your payment and your device are in good hands here at SellMac. There can be several reasons for the problem above:

1. If you’ve requested a check, then payment will take some time to reach you after it has been issued. Checks usually arrive within the first week of issued payment, but if it’s been longer than two weeks, we will look into the matter and get it sorted for you.

2. You can track the location of your check using the SellMac Track Your Payment option.

3. PayPal and Amazon payments should clear within 24 hours. If you’re checking before that, it’s probably why you don’t see your payment. If you haven’t received your money, we’ll sort it out or you can change your payment methods and options. We’re more than happy to send it again if it hasn’t been received.

How long does payment take once the item is shipped?

Depending on where you are located and your shipping method, it may take 3-5 days for your product to reach us. Once it does we need to review the condition and look over your offer. Though most offers are reviewed within 2 days of their arrival, some complications may cause it to take longer. After we’ve reviewed your item, you can select the payment method. Please refer to the question “How long will it take to receive payments after I send in my device to SellMac?” for more details on how long each payment method will take and what to expect.

Does SellMac allow the switching of payment methods?

Of course! However, it is advisable to change the payment method while the device is still in review. This is due to the fact that payment is processed instantly (unless we review your product at the end of a working day) and the payment may already have been issued before you try to change it. In the case of a failed payment, we are more than happy to let you change your methods or resend the payment. Contact us for any queries and remember to constantly log on and track your offer status!

What steps do I take if SellMac tells me my phone is Active, Lost or Stolen?

If we’ve told you any of the above, please contact your carrier to see if your Electronic Serial Number or your IMEI is still active. If you’ve still got an active ESN/IMEI, consider the following:

– Has your device been reported lost or stolen?

– Do you still have dues to clear with your carrier?

– Have you paid of any remaining balance?

– Is your device still active with the carrier?

If you’re phone has been reported lost or stolen, please contact your carrier to see if you can continue with the trade. Please perform the above actions within five days or we will issue a parts only offer for your phone. You can contact us and let us know if you are clearing the account.

Why should I choose SellMac?
How to reset my password?

Simply click on the link here to get started. Enter the email address you’re using for your account. An email will be sent containing a link that will guide you step by step to rest your password.

How do I create an account?

The fastest way to create an account with SellMac is to sell us a device. Next you have to find your device and see the offer. As you choose the offer, you will be asked to provide your personal information to setup an account. You will have to provide your address, contact information and method of payment. Trading in your device to us is absolutely free of charge! After creating the account, it can take our system a maximum of 15 minutes to recognize it. You will then be sent an activation email that will also contain your electronic shipping kit. The shipping kit includes your packing slip and shipping label. Just follow the activation link and activate your account. If you face any problem with activation contact us immediately via live chat or call us (800) 747-1023.

How does SellMac work?

Keeping our customers’ needs in mind, we have made SellMac as user friendly and easy to use as possible. Start by finding your item on If you can’t find your item, then we do not buy it currently. While finding your item, please make sure that you choose the item that EXACTLY matches your item.

After finding your item, tell us about its condition by answering a few easy questions. Check out our offer, if you like it simply proceed to the checkout process. Let us know how you would like to get paid through PayPal, Check or gift card. Shipping is absolutely free!!

Our offer is valid for 30 days only but the earlier you send it the earlier you will receive your money. After receiving your box, our team will verify your device and pay you.